This book is powerful! I especially liked the prescriptive second half of it. I believe the remedy to the inescapable challenges Linda Sharp laid out so carefully is very doable. I say this from the perspective of an executive who helped pioneer the use of data warehouses for customer intelligence. You do better in marketing if you know the facts. The CRI Framework is an organized, simple way to build intelligence into process to get unique customer feedback and the key performance indicators you need to run your business in real time. When sales people have to focus on short-term opportunities, they can keep other relationships alive and growing without having to think too much about it. Imagine the advantage of knowing which actions to take and when for a higher pay back with each individual customer.

Boyd Pearce, President & CEO


Linda Sharp at 415 771-7473 or email her at She wrote the book.

In the next few months a CRI Community will be launched to evangelize the adoption of Customer Relationship Intelligence and the CRI Framework, and to collaborate on how it is done. If you’d like to participate, go to to join in.

If you would like to be more customer-focused, earn high-profit revenue, and enjoy the sustainable competitive advantage possible with the CRI Framework, go to for help in getting started.

Religence is a customer-focused performance management consulting firm, specializing in Customer Relationship Intelligence to link strategic planning to operational execution and real-time customer relationship metrics to profitability for breakthrough sales and marketing performance.

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